About the Company
We are a services company which since 1995 has been professionally dealing with complex keeping clean and orderly in buildings, such as shopping centres, banks, hotels, office buildings and single offices, recreation centres, exhibition halls, as well as industry infrastructure, production plants, warehouses and cold stores also in open spaces, e.g. petrol stations. What is more, we also provide cleaning works in newly-raised buildings during their construction and after completing then together with highly-specialized works.
The seat of our company is presently located in Gdynia at ul. Polska 43. Office floor takes up 400 sq m, while warehouses of cleaning products, protective working and service clothing, equipment for manual works, mechanized equipment, technical service room, laundry and drying room along with garages jointly make 869 sq m.

Human Resources and Organization
Recruitment of employees proceeds on the basis of thorough verification supported with our long experience. Before starting work employees are trained in terms of methodology of cleaning and conservation works, organization of work, OSH regulations and fire code binding in the buildings serviced by our company. Objective of trainings on new technologies, which we conduct on a regular basis, is to prepare for professional provision of cleaning works and for adjusting to the changing requirements of our clients and the market.
Currently we employ about 300 people. In the spring and summer season the number increases due to the numerous one-off works.
Work organization, quality control of performed works together with equipment and cleaning products supply to the facilities we provide our services to are dealt with by competent staff, permanently employed by our company and with adequate experience in the field. Their major task is continuous contact with customers which enables to improve the methods and results of the work of our staff. Diligent organization of our company operations and division of tasks among individual departments determine efficiency and quality of our work.

Temporary Services Section
In order to support our employees we have established the so called Casual Work Section. This organizational unit performs all works related to polishing process, conservation etc. which cannot be provided by the staff responsible for a given building. Employees of this section have both adequate qualifications and experience to perform such works as: various methods of cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting and furniture upholstery complete cleaning of various types of flooring, removing graffiti and protecting from its reappearance, all types of works at heights.
What is more, the section also provides services to clients, who ad hoc order from us various works such as cleaning warehouses, cold stores, quays, ships, petrol stations, production plants, elevations, roofs etc. as well as clearing snow and preventing glazed frost or mowing lawns and maintenance of green areas.

Technical service
We have established our own technical service in order to provide proper operation and quick repair of technical equipment and appliances for manual works used by our staff in individual buildings. We have generously equipped service rooms and service cars adequate for transport of these machines.

Equipment and Chemicals Used for Providing Services
While providing our services we use high-quality chemicals of renowned producers both Polish and foreign (individually selected to the specifics of serviced building and type of surface). All applied chemicals have certificates of their high quality and not being harmful to people and the natural environment.
We are equipped with various professional utensils for manual works and mechanized equipment necessary to complete the tasks given by our clients. Our continuously modernized and upgraded machinery park enables us performing ordered works on adequately high level.
For the purpose of maintaining clean and orderly condition we have at our disposal among others:
- scrubbing-dryers machines for the flooring,
- combustion and battery sweepers,
- scrubbing machines,
- industrial and office vacuum cleaners,
- machine for cleaning escalators,
- appliances for cleaning wall-to-wall carpeting and furniture upholstery with various technologies:
- extractors,
- for washing with the so called "dry foam",
- for washing with the so called "half-dry foam" method,
- for dry cleaning – powder cleaning,
- high-speed polishing machines for lustre finish surfaces,
- devices for cleaning with high-pressure water (up to 200 atm),
- equipment for manual works – sweeping, washing, cleaning, etc.
- ladders of various size and construction, scaffolding and mountain-climbing equipment for works at heights,
- airlifter 12 m high,
- machine for washing with high-pressured water (up to 200 atm), water with abrasive or chemical solutions,
- for all-year-round maintenance of parking lots and access roads we have tractors with various snowploughs, sand and alt spreaders, trailers and sweepers,
- we also have electric and combustion lawn mowers of various sizes and efficiency.

Our company has professional indemnity insurance with Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Allianz Polska S.A. – contractual and tort liability to the amount of PLN 4 000 000.00.

Our Range of Services:
1. Comprehensive maintenance of clean and orderly condition
- daily cleaning of rooms generally available, office and social spaces, stair cases;
- daily cleaning of halls and warehouses, shopping arcades and sales floor;
- cleaning service inside and outside of the facility;
- all-year-round maintenance of outdoors (hardened and green areas); mowing lawns, digging bushes round, fertilizing, snow-clearing;
- supplying toilets and kitchen sanitary products.
2. Single services or provided regularly depending on the needs of the client
- cleaning and final after-renovation cleaning of newly-opened facilities;
- conservatory duty and technical service of the buildings;
- chemical cleaning of textile carpeting and furniture upholstery;
- washing windows and window-frames (also at heights);
- conservatory works (final cleaning and lustre) of various floors;
- washing and conservation of elevations of buildings covered with various materials (including marble);
- dusting elements of halls construction and of their equipment;
- washing (removing atmospheric coating, rusty and green) from garden walls etc;
- final cleaning (sweeping and washing) of asphalt surfaces, from pavers, stone and other surfaces;
- painting fences, hoardings, lamp posts, information signs, etc;
- painting (shadowing) skylights in production halls and warehouses;
- washing advertising boards;
- painting horizontal signs;
- roofs snow-clearing etc.

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